The Fur Inn Cattery & Small Animal Hotel
        The Fur Inn Cattery & Small Animal Hotel
  • Rates are charged on a daily basis including the day arrival and departure. It includes all food, bedding, litter and chalet heating for cats + hay, fresh fruit and vegetables for small animals (except prescription diets.)
  • Sharing of accommodation is only available to compatible animals from the same household.Should multiple cats not get on they will be seperated into different chalets & any additional costs will be applied to the clients invoice 
  • Less than 3 days boarding is permissible but the minimum charge is for 3 days boarding with the exception of the Christmas period when the minimum charge is for 7 days.
  • Owners returning to collect their animals before the contracted booking period will be required to pay the full contracted booking fee.
  • Animals cannot be released until full payment has been received.
  • Please be aware that if booking boarding for the following year the tariff may have increased from the time of booking to when you board. Prices are reviewed each year with alterations commencing on the 1st January.
  • Animals must be transported in a suitable pet travel carrier.
  • The Fur Inn requires a contact number of a friend/relative or the mobile number of the pets owner.
  • In the likelihood of of a delay or problem you will need to arrange for someone to collect your pet/animal on your behalf if necessary as we cannot guarantee to hold your pet/animal for any extra days.
  • All belongings are left at the owners risk. Any items left unclaimed by the owners after 2 months following boarding will be disposed of.
  • Any treatment deemed necessary for the animals comfort and well being i.e. worming, flea treatment etc will be carried out at the managers discretion and charged to the owner.
  • Cats will not be accepted for boarding without their current vaccination card for immunization against flu and enteritis and rabbits for myxomatosis.
  • Owners must inform the Fur Inn at the time of booking or arrival of any medical history.
  • Fur inn will administer medication when necessary but cannot be held responsible for administration of any proving difficult, or if the animal risks causing harm to the staff.
  • Fur Inn reserve the right to refuse admission of any animal showing signs of illness pending veterinary advice or of any long haired animals that the management considers to have an excessively matted coat.
  • The grooming of animals will be carried out as necessary and it is appreciated if owners will provide their own grooming equipment. However Fur inn will not be responsible for grooming any animals that get distressed or risks harm to staff whilst being groomed.
  • Fur Inn does not provide any veterinary insurance cover and therefore strongly suggests each client takes out their own insurance for their animal. Any veterinary costs incurred by your animal during it's stay will be added to your final bill and must be paid in full before your animal leaves the Fur Inn. Should it be necessary for euthanasia on humane grounds by the veterinary surgeon caring for your animal, after consultation with the contact person you give your consent. For cats 11+ years cat owners will be asked to complete a bereavement consent form.
  • Whilst every care and precaution is taken with every animal boarded at the Fur-Inn the proprieter cannot be help responsible for any escape, illness, disease or death that may occur during boarding.  Any animal left uncollected without contact for 7 days after the completed contracted booking date will be handed to an animal charity.
  • The owner gives consent for the Fur Inn to use their own nominated vets, as displayed in the reception area

For availability and further information please contact  Alison at:-

The Fur Inn Cattery & Small Animal Hotel


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